My Life
High school. Junior year

I came to the conclusion that I should chill with being so girl crazy…. I should take things slow and really get to know girls first! There’s nothing wrong with just taking things slow, and im not even going to get worried if a girl doesn’t like me. So what?!? It’s her loss!


I think I like her….does she like me?
I don’t think so, but everyone else thinks she does.
I can’t get worked over a girl like last time, if she likes me great, if she doesn’t oh well!
I need to think like that more….

Big stuff

So far so good! Just been chilling on the buss since 7 with my home boy Cooper! I’m hungry an ready to stop and eat though!
Hopefully I learn a lot this week and get closer to Jesus!

Just chaos

I finally told her that we just cant be in each others lives after she tweeted “being single means fun and freedom”. That hurt, it meant she didn’t have any fun with me:/
After that she kept tweeting about her saddness cuz she knows I get it to my phone…then she tweets “you hurt me a lot #thanks” and I just had to text her and say why are you doing this?
It was to late…she already had her phone off.
This is so crazy, I wanna just be happy! Away from drama and just be happy! Smile, talk to friends, not cry, have a great time! So I decided I’m going to camp Big Stuff and I’m excited! Hopefully this will keep me away from drama…praying

Ive been thinking…

As I’m laying in bed I realize that it’s finally over, she will not text me again and I won’t either. (she might text back though…)

After realizing that, I came to the conclusion that im not living my life to the max…I should go to camp next week! I should go to the chris webby concert! I have to stop being afraid and lazy and sad, I need to shape up. I need to live life!

It won’t be easy at first and I’m still trying to recover from my last relationship, but I need to start living life now. I need to have fun and enjoy life like everyone should!

I need to live.


If it wasn’t for them I’d be crazy! I honestly think they are the most important people in my life.

That’s all


Well it all came clear today.

I am not needed anymore! She doesn’t need to text me like she used to anymore, or anything. She’s moved on.

So it’s time for me too, it’s going to be so hard but I have to.

Hopefully she just never texts me back or something cuz if she does we all know I’m going to go back and not get over her.

The song for me right now is “don’t tell me you love me” by big sean cuz it fits the situation just right!
I wish she felt the same way to me.

Confused. You leave me confused.

Confused. You leave me confused.

Chickfila cow appreciation day haha:)

Chickfila cow appreciation day haha:)

I don’t know

As I’m sitting outside in this nice cool weather I finally realize I have no idea what the hell I’m doing.
I still talk to her, hang out with her and call her on the phone which is all amazing but then we argue about guys and jealousy issues. She loves me and wants to be friends and I love her and idk what I want…I loved having her as my gf but we argued so much about stupid stuff like jealousy issues.
What happens if she finds someone else and still talks to me? I’m going to be jealous and driven insane.
I want her in my life but it’s just hard.
I don’t know what to do